Tooling System

Tap Holder

Tooling System

Tap Collets (TC Type) Built-in Torque Adjust Mechanism

Torque of each tap collet, classified according to each size, is pre-adjusted to 60% of the tap breakage torque.
For the taps, even if different in size but having same D3 and W dimensions, can be used a same tap collet.

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Tap Collets (TCN Type)

TCN Type ·  ·  · 

features quickly changeable tap and tap collet.

TCPN Type ·  ·  · 

features tap and tap collet clamped by means of side lock (for use on gas tap).

Neither TCN nor TCPN has the built-in torque adjust mechanism.

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Floating Tap Holders with BT 30 Shank

Built-in Radial Float Mechanism

The built-in radial float mechanism compensates the centering deviation, if any, between the spindle and the workpiece, which will eventually secure the precise tapping work.

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