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Drill Chucks
Drill Chucks  

Drill Chucks

Drill Chucks are three-jaw chucks to tighten the cutting tools, such as drill bit or reamer, by a chuck key. Yukiwa Drill Chucks are manufactured based on our standard which is higher than Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) B4634 for Drill Chucks for machine tools. Therefore, it is possible to do the high precision works on the high precision professional drilling machines or lathes. We, Yukiwa Seiko, have started producing the Drill Chucks at Japan in 1951. We have continued the technology studies for a long time, and the high accuracy, high quality and high durability are recognized world wide. We are now one of the big three biggest manufacturers of Drill Chucks in the world. Recently, in the market, there are a lot of Drill Chucks made in all over the world. If the high precision works are required for a long time, please use Yukiwa Drill Chucks. You can realize the differences.

Only Drill Chuck manufacturer gets certified by JIS

Yukiwa Seiko is only Drill Chucks manufacturer having the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) certification of Drill Chucks for machine tools (JIS B4634). For customer’s satisfaction and further quality improvement, we will take the management audit by the Japanese Industrial Standards periodically. And we are making every effort to keep and improve the quality. (JIS certification No.JQ0308005)

Runout Accuracy

Yukiwa Drill Chucks have higher runout accuracy than that specified by JIS. And according to the rule of JIS, the runouts of all our Drill Chucks are measured and the measuring data are kept to guarantee the quality.

Gripping Torque

When chucking the cutting tools on our Drill Chuck, use the exclusive chuck key and tighten at three key holes equally to get the enough gripping torque. And Yukiwa Drill Chucks are manufactured conforming to JIS and the qualities of composing parts are controlled closely. Therefore, our Drill Chucks can hold the cutting tool stably.


For the body, cover, nut and three jaws of Drill Chucks, the selected materials of excellent quality are used, and the proper heat-treatments are done on them. Therefore, the wear resistance is excellent and the stable accuracy is kept for a long time. And since the tapered hole is ground, the taper contact is excellent and the strong fixing on the spindle is available.

Wide Variety

We have many kinds of Drill Chucks of standard size as well as of special size. From the minimum capacity of 3mm to the maximum capacity of 19mm, we have about more than 200 varieties of Drill Chucks including the special sizes. Therefore, the user can select desired ones. We also have the Drill Chucks to use in the foreign countries. Please feel free to inquire.

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