Corporate Information

Environment Efforts

Corporate Information

Environment Efforts


As a certified organization for ISO14001, Environmental Management System, YUKIWA is committed to the environmental protection in all of our business activities, from development designing to servicing, so as to be able to contribute in global environmental protection and prevention of pollution.

Environmental Policy

We, YUKIWA SEIKO, recognize that the one of the most important issue is to give the varied and beautiful natural circumstances in the four seasons up to the next generation. And, we work on the preservation of global environment through our business activities.

Action Agenda

1.   Under our company activities, we promote to prevent the environmental pollution
      against the items having significant influence on the environment, and, plan to
      improve the Environmental Management System continuously.

2.   We comply with the laws, agreements, etc.

3.   We work on the following as our Themes of Environmental Management through
      our business activities:
       (1) Reduction of waste discharged
       (2) Promotion of waste recycling
       (3) Promotion of resource saving and energy saving
       (4) Development of ecological products

4.   We promote the improving activities with setting an environmental purpose and a
      goal, and, review them based on the results of our internal audit, etc.

5.   We make the environmental policy known to all the members of organization and
      plan to improve their consciousness.

6.   Our environmental policy is open to the public.

Established on June 30, 2017

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