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Controller for CNC Rotary Table

CNC Rotary Tables Index Tables

Controller for CNC Rotary Table

YUKIWA controllers for CNC rotary table are one-axis control device, exclusive for CNC rotary tables and CNC tilting rotary tables, to be used interlockingly by M-signals with machining centers, tapping centers and/or any other mating machines.

AC5/AC3 series

Controller for CNC Rotary Table

Corresponding to absolute motor

AC5 series will correspond to absolute motor in addition to incremental motor. Such as the origin return when the power is turned on is not required, it can be selected.

High linkage compatibility

Since the RS232C for external connections are provided as standard equipment, it is available in connecting with PC. Also AC5 series is easy to replace from AC4 series because the basic operation is the same.

Corresponding to DRC170

AC5 Series with absolute motor can be connected with Direct Drive CNC rotary table DRC170. DRC170 will greatly contribute to cut the cycle time since DRC170 is capable of high-speed indexing.

■ Low cost   ■ Light weight & compact  ■ Easy maintenance  ■ High durability 
■ Variety of interlocking methods ■ Plenty of programming functions

Model Absolute motor AC5-10A AC5-30A AC5-60A AC5-90A
Incremental motor AC5-10 AC5-30 AC3-60 AC3-90
Rated output Absolute motor 400W 750W 1.2kW 1.8kW
Incremental motor 300W 750W 1.0kW 1.5kW
Rated current(Max current) 2.2A(7.5A) 3.9A(15.3A) 7A(21A) 8.7A(26.1A)

Outside dimension,
Mass(including cables)

W260×H199×D228、7.8kg W260×H259×D248、9.2kg
Power voltage 1φ AC200V~230V
+10%~-15% 50/60Hz
3φ AC200V~230V
+10%~-15% 50/60Hz
Number of control axis Rotary axis, 1 axis
Angle unit & Max angle 0.001°, ±999.999°±999 rotation
(Max rotation in continuous rotation:±5965)
Movement Mode Auto(AUT), Manual(MAN), Return to machine origin(MZ),
Return to work origin(WZ),
jog(JOG), Program edit(EDT), Parameter(PRM)
Program function Command types(incremental, absolute, shortcut),
equal division, sector division,
cutting feed, multiple rotation (±999 evolutions),
continuous start, interlocking start,
machine origin return, work coordinate system setting, continuous start,
continuous block operation, dwell, FIN output change, jump,
subprogram (1-999 repetitions), clamping effective/ineffective

Program capacity &
External program selection

100 programsX100 steps, M signal mode: 100 programs
Program, parameter storage Nonvolatile memory (Rewritable number of times: one million times)
Other functions JOG function, Rapid override, Stroke limit function,
external emergency stop signal



Function Start, origin return, program selection signal 0-3, program setting, interlock



DC24V, non-polar, non-voltage contact/transistor input,

ON current 8 mA supply power from the mating machine.



Function Block completion signal 1, 2, operation preparation completion, alarm



DC24V, non-polar, non-contact output,

maximum load current 50mA (1 output)
supply power from the mating machine.

Serial interface One port of RS232C, Dsub connector 9P, with dust cover

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