CNC Rotary Tables Index Tables

CNC Two-spindle Rotary Table

CNC Rotary Tables Index Tables

CNC Two-spindle Rotary Table

YNC170-M2 Series


High productivity

Two work-pieces can be machined simultaneously and cycle time can be shortened.

Light weight・Compact

Suitable for small-sized machining centers

High clamping torque

Air hydraulic clamping mechanism gives high clamping torque.
  CNC Two-spindle Rotary Table

■ Accurate indexing ■ Outstanding water protection 
■ Easy jig designing  ■ Easy maintenance

Model Right Handed YNC170R-M2
Left Handed YNC170L-M2
Table diameter 170
Center height 160
Table faucet diameter 60H7 depth 10
Table center through hole diameter 45
Distance between table centers 250
Clamp system Air pressure (0.5 〜 0.7Mpa)
Clamp torque (N・m) 260 (0.5MPa)
Indexing accuracy (Cumulative) Within 30 seconds
Allowable operation load
Vertical load 9,000
Horizontal load 3,000
Circumferential load
Allowable inertia moment per one axis (kg・m²)
Total reduction ratio 1/120
Maximum rotation (min-1) 25
Guide piece width 12h7
Weight (kg) 100


Guide piece (2pcs), Fixtures (2sets), Air tube (5m) for table clamping are attached.

* Corresponding to Controller for CNC rotary table or to motor for additional axis.

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